I help families just like yours!

In parenting, there are challenges around every corner. I'm Tina, and I help families navigate the many challenges of parenting, learn to listen to their intuition, make decisions with confidence, nurture their relationships with their children, and raise confident and secure children who grow to be confident and secure adults.

New Parents

Congratulations on your new baby! As new parents, we often worry about how to handle all the new responsibilities and challenges. You may be feeling scared, confused, overwhelmed and alone. Your bookshelf and social media...
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Sleepless Families

Not sleeping so soundly these days? Sleep troubles can happen at any age. If your child isn’t sleeping well, then you’re not sleeping well either. When you aren’t sleeping well, you aren’t able to fill...
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Navigating behavior issues… As small children start to explore their boundaries, it’s normal for parents to be caught off-guard when they realize it may be time to implement some discipline into their child’s world. Commonly,...
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There’s nothing easy about the teen years… During adolescence, which can surprisingly start around age 10, children are seeking belonging and acceptance. The need to feel secure, confident and independent which can often result in...
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